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European broadcasters embrace and drive what we call media convergence. ACT members innovate every day, delivering our content to consumers across all platforms and devices.

However, the discussion about the digital media world should also include the popularity of television. Non-linear viewing is an exciting opportunity and it will complement - but not replace - classical, scheduled TV. Recent studies show that non-linear consumption in Germany, France and the Netherlands is growing, but still below 5 per cent.

The challenges for commercial broadcasters are well known: we need to diversify our revenue streams, to be present on all platforms and most importantly – to continue our investment into great programmes. Regardless of the platform – it is the content that people want to watch.

And this is our message to EU policy makers. The broadcasting industry generates significant growth in Europe. On behalf of its members, ACT will strive for a European framework that sustains further investment and growth in our sector. This will allow us to continue what we do best – provide high-quality content to our audience.