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Commercial broadcasters and sales houses call for AVMSD review to positively impact European jobs, growth and investment

Press Releases, published on 02 May 2017 Download document

Commercial broadcasters & sales houses seek a Directive that

• Upholds media plurality, cultural diversity and creativity
• Preserves the competitive strength of Europe’s audiovisual media sector in a converged world
• Enables multi territory distribution of content, freedom of expression, media pluralism and audience choice


• Ensures strong protection of minors, human dignity and media diversity/plurality
• Enables advertising as a key driver for financing media content

This means rules that follow 5 principles:

1. Country of Origin Principle is vital and should remain the cornerstone of AVMS-D


2. AV audiences benefit from robust protection and further restrictions are disproportionate


3. AVMS-D should provide for appropriate and proportionate access services


4. Greater flexibility for commercial communications to maximise investment in content, reflecting changing consumer expectations and ability to compete in a global marketplace.


5. Rules on promoting European works should be proportionate and respect audience demand, innovation and niche/small services

Press Contact

Grégoire Polad
ACT Director General